Nutrition Controversy and the Seven Countries Study

In 1977, the government came out with recommended Dietary Goals for the United States. This set of recommendations was a forerunner to the first Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which were released in 1980 and every five years thereafter. The most prominent component of the Dietary Goals in 1977 was a directive to reduce fat intake (especially saturated fat) in an effort to combat heart disease, which had been on the rise and had become the leading cause of death in the country. Secondary recommendations included a reduction in dietary cholesterol and a note about decreasing sugar intake to fifteen percent of overall calories (about 300 calories per day from sugar). From these recommendatio

Detoxing from Detoxing

I’ve done it. I’ve found the most efficient possible way to cleanse my body from toxins. It really can be quite dizzying sorting through all of the possibilities. Should I use Gwyneth Paltrow’s detox diet? But maybe Beyonce’s cleanse is superior. Then again, Dr. Oz has multiple options. Depending on my desire for efficiency and level of commitment, I could choose a 10 day detox, a 3 day detox, or a 48 hour weekend detox so I could cleanse my body while simultaneously failing at whichever weekend house project I’ve chosen to focus on. But none of those measure up. I found a website that promises it can detoxify my body in just one hour. All I need to do is drink 16 ounces of its “One Hour Sys

Yo-Yo No More

Yo-yo dieting is a familiar term to many. It refers to individuals who diet to lose weight, regain the weight over time, and then repeat the cycle. For some, this cycle has been repeated over and over and over again, even for decades. You may hear medical professionals refer to this as “weight cycling.” This has been going on long enough for a large number of people that the scientific community is beginning to collect long-term data on health outcomes for this subset of the population. The results are not promising. The first item of note is that the very term “yo-yo” implies that the weight loss was not maintained. The weight was regained. But how many dieters fall into this category? Almo

Eat Your Veggies (Just Like Your Mom Told You)

If there is one simple change you can make to better your health, my answer is the same for most people: just eat more plant foods. You don’t have to stop eating meat. You don’t have to stop eating wheat (these last two sentences represent my best Dr. Seuss imitation). You don’t need to cut out fat – in fact, some fat in your diet is essential. You don’t even need to ban sugar, although many of us should eat less of it. You don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian. You don’t need to follow a special diet you found in a book or magazine or saw on an infomercial. You don’t need to be paleo or “keto”. You don’t need to count calories. I could go on and on with unsustainable changes people make to t

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