Five Tips to a Pain Free Squat

Squats are one of the best exercises for full body strength. As our core stabilizes, our upper body holds the weight and our lower body controls both the descent of the weight and pushes through the return back into a standing position. This full body exercise is a beneficial addition to any workout routine. How do we ensure a pain-free squat? Without a one-on-one consultation with a staff trainer, it’s impossible to identify an exact cause of pain. The anatomical differences between you and a fellow exerciser out-number the variations of squats, and that’s saying a lot! However, here are five tips that may help the next time you squat to make sure it’s pain free. Avoid overly wide stances.

Ten Ways to Have Your Sweets and Eat Them Too!

Do you struggle with craving sweets? Whether it’s after a meal or as a mid-day snack, we all have sweet cravings every now and again. How can we be smart about these sweet cravings and not get into trouble with over-portioning? First of all, look at portion sizes. Every food can be consumed if it is eaten mindfully. Consider how often and in what amounts you eat these foods. It’s appropriate to save the “not-so-healthy” foods for special occasions and in smaller amounts. But what do we do about that sweet craving that shows up almost every day? It’s important to take these sweet cravings and satisfy them wisely by making good choices while still having that little something sweet. While

Start from the Core

Our core is the pillar for the beginning of all movement. It includes not only our abdominals but all muscles that connect our hips, torso, and shoulders. As we move, we should reframe our thoughts, thinking of the body in terms of movements instead of muscles. The core is the center of these movements. By first building strength and maintaining control through our core, we lower the risk of potential injury and create more efficient movement of energy transfer through the body. So how do we build this strength and control? Although the first core exercise that comes to mind may be crunches, it’s simpler than that. In any exercise you do, focus on bracing. Bracing is the practice of drawing

The Gym: A Choice, Not a Chore

Most people make a New Year’s resolution. Eat less sweets, swear less often, spend more time with your family, and most common of all: start a workout routine. This is often combined with a change in eating habits as well. For the first three weeks of January people are eating healthier and hitting the gym consistently. But that initial motivation is fleeting. After a few weeks, the decline begins. Unhealthy foods find their way back into our lives and going to the gym feels like a chore instead of a lifestyle choice. Here are some ways to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolution and making the gym a choice rather than a chore. Establish an accountability partner. Having someone to hold

What is Whole Food – and How Much Does It Matter?

Nutrition is a divisive subject. Even dietitians have a hard time seeing eye to eye. Low-fat vs. low-carb, plant-based vs. paleo, the debates rage on and on. The term “whole food” often sparks debate. What are whole foods, where do we find them, and how much do they matter? Interestingly, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has no official definition for labeling foods as “whole”, although they’re generally considered to be foods that are minimally altered or processed from their natural state. So an apple would definitely be a whole food. Apple Jacks certainly would not. But what about applesauce, particularly if you use the whole apple? All the nutrients, and even the fiber, may remain.

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