Life’s A Garden; Dig In

It’s been a cold past few months. However, the snow is starting to melt, the temperatures are creeping up, and the grass is just starting to turn green again. Spring. It’s finally coming. Spring means longer days (more sunshine, yay!) and blooming flowers. Farmer’s markets will be moving back outdoors, and local produce will start to become more available. And as the final frost approaches us, the ground will soon be ready for seeds. Gardening practices have been largely lost in the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced American life. People are relying more and more on supermarkets to purchase their food and feed their families. With this comes a loss of knowing your farmers and where your fo

Mind-Body Vitality and Connection

A commonly referenced ideal within the fitness world is the different subdivisions of exercise. Among these subdivisions are cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, resistance training, and flexibility. The fourth, less referenced, pillar of wellness is known as mind-body vitality. You’ve likely heard the term before, but what exactly does it mean and how can you implement it into your own wellness and health goals? The concept of mind-body vitality is an integration of physical activity and mental discipline. If you’ve ever participated in a Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi class, you may already be familiar with this mind-to-muscle connection. Effectively integrating this connection into physical act

Wisconsin Winters and Motivation

Cold and gloomy weather got you down? We get it. The end of winter (especially in Wisconsin) is a long stretch and a time where motivation may seem to lack. There are some days where rest may take precedence over pushing through a workout and there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you are going through a continual cycle of lack of motivation, it is important to get that motivation back to hit those fitness goals and keep your body moving. Whether you are sore from shoveling, lacking vitamin D, too cold to move or just tired of winter, let’s find a way to get you back on your fitness routine! Here are some ideas that have helped others and hopefully will help you: Find A Buddy Find

Graceful Aging Series: Nutrition for Cognition

Throughout this series we’ve discussed bones, muscles, and metabolism. But there is one aspect of aging that I feel is even more important than maintaining physical health, and that is our minds. Our minds really determine our quality of life. Beyond living longer, it is important to consider the quality of life we want while aging. There are various ways to prevent or slow cognitive decline, but research has shown that the best prevention is a healthy is diet and lifestyle. The most well-known type of cognitive decline is Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by a buildup of proteins and plaques. These proteins and plaques stop the brain from functioning properly. B

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