Putting Planet-Friendly Food on Your Dinner Plate

Can you help better the planet’s health with your food choices? If so, what would your diet look like? Recently, the World Wildlife Fund collaborated with Knorr Foods and The Center for Public Health Nutrition in an attempt to answer that question. The full report, which you can read here, highlighted 50 foods that are not only flavorful and nutritious, but also sustainable, accessible, and affordable. Unsurprisingly, all the foods on the list are plant-based. These foods offer a wider variety of nutrients than animal food products while also reducing the impact our food consumption has on our environment. Although the report lists some less-than-recognizable foods, it also includes foods yo

Nutrient in the Spotlight: Iron

Most people are pretty good at eating enough of the three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Micronutrients – mostly vitamins and minerals – are another story. There are a handful of micronutrients that many of us struggle with, and at the top of that list is iron. Why are people commonly deficient in iron? Women are much more commonly deficient in iron than men, and women also don’t consume as much on average. This is especially pronounced during pregnancy, when iron needs are highest for women. Anyone following a vegan diet also needs to be attentive to iron intake. How much iron does a person need in a day? Adult males need about 8 milligrams per day, while adolescent males

Be Green, Be Fit

Happy Earth Day & Month! Many of us utilize the gym or the outdoors to improve our health and get fit. Did you know there are many ways you can improve the health of the environment while getting fit yourself? See these six tips and tricks to help you step up your workout with the added benefit of helping the environment every day - not just on Earth Day: Ditch the Plastic Invest in a reusable water bottle and use our water bottle filler at the gym. Hydration is extremely important for your health. Insulated bottles will help keep your water cooler which will help refresh you after that heavy workout! Ditch the Car Warming up before you start working out is important to help your muscles get

A Full Body Workout: As Easy As a Walk in The Park!

Spring has sprung! Warm weather is in our grasps, and we're all itching to get outside and start enjoying the demise of the polar vortex and the rise in temperatures. Many of us are starting to go outside to run, walk, or bike and enjoy the fresh air with our exercise. However, everyone still needs strength training in their routine. You don’t always need the gym to build up your muscle, as body weight workouts can be just as effective when getting a full body workout in. The following is a list of exercises that can be completed on your run, walks, or bike rides past the river or downtown La Crosse using what is around you. Try incorporating some of these exercises into your next outdoor ca

Ask the RCW Dietitian: Vitamin K and Warfarin

I’m on warfarin and have been told by my doctor to limit my intake of vitamin K. Which foods should I look out for? Warfarin, which you may know by the brand name Coumadin, is a blood thinner that’s commonly prescribed to prevent blood clots that could lead to a stroke or heart attack. Vitamin K is an important nutrient to consider when taking this medication as it helps the blood in our body clot. Too much vitamin K can cancel out the effects of blood-thinning medication. Although some vitamin K is naturally produced by the bacteria in our intestines, we obtain higher amounts from certain foods. Foods that are especially high in vitamin K include: Spinach Kale Brussels sprouts Parsley Colla

It's That Time Again...New Year's Relapse

We’ve all been there. Every year we watch the ball drop surrounded by friends and family, and suddenly the new version of you is born. You think, “this year I will be 'healthier'”, whatever that might mean to you. It’s in your head that you will transform yourself from a beginner gym-goer into workout fiend. The new habits start out strong with your newfound motivation bringing you to the gym bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, days start to pass and your off days turn into off weeks and even months. Soon you’ve realized you have lost your scan card to enter the gym and have a hard time remembering what a dumbbell is. As the gym visits become more sparse, people often think by not sticking to thei

Weight, Body Composition, and Sumo Wrestlers: Thinking Beyond the Scale

“What's a healthy weight for me?” It's a great question and often not an easy one to answer. Our weight number is often seen as a measure of our health. And it can certainly play a role, but we tend to add extra importance to our weight compared to things like blood pressure, glucose, or cholesterol. Of course, excess weight can be linked to all of those things, but what really matters is the type of weight we carry and where we carry it. It's no secret that our weight number shows more than just body fat, although when we step on a scale we can easily lose sight of that. Muscle, water, and bone all weigh something too, and our weight number doesn't show us those differences. Body compositio

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