High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Efficient, Effective, and Entertaining

We often hear people say they don't like cardio because it's  boring or difficult to spend an extended period of time on a cardio machine. Whether due to time constraints, a history of injuries, or simply just hating the idea of running, many of us find ourselves pondering how we could possibly shed any weight without hopping on a treadmill for an hour every day. If you found yourself agreeing with these statements, then High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may be the perfect fit for you. Cardio exercises shouldn’t be limited to running, cycling, or climbing the stairs, especially if you don’t find them enjoyable. Cardio exercises can be quick, easy, and in the comfort of your own home. I

The Brave New World of Meat

The world of food and nutrition is no stranger to polarization, but the public’s increasingly divergent attitudes towards beef may be unprecedented. On one end, it’s safe to say that the options for a vegan diet have never been more abundant. Perhaps no food better exemplifies this than the variety of lab-produced meatless burgers. Although several brands have developed these products, the leader of the pack seems to be the “Impossible Burger,” developed by Impossible Foods. Burger King will soon be offering a version of the product to customers nation-wide, while White Castle has already added it to its menus. You may even see lab-grown meatless steaks in the near future. Veggie burgers hav

What's the Deal with Gluten?

There is often confusion surrounding the topic of gluten. What is it? Is it bad for me? Should I be avoiding it? The answer, in reality, is relatively simple. First, let’s explain exactly what gluten is, and in which foods it’s present. Gluten is a protein network made up of components called gliadin and glutenin. Gluten is found in certain grains such as wheat, barley and rye. For a more extensive list of gluten-containing grains, click here. Gluten’s presence in different foods gives the food structure and elasticity, which gives it a great texture. Without gluten, certain baked goods and breads would have a much more dry, crumbly consistency. So why do some people avoid it? People may cho

Cooking with Confidence: One-Pan Meals

RCW's latest Cooking with Confidence event featured one-pan meal ideas. The recipes were simple and the flavors were diverse, including Korean chicken and chipotle shrimp. Feel free to check out the below pictures from the event. Take note of the grocery cart; if you're not filling your grocery cart with enough fruits and vegetables, you won't eat enough fruits and vegetables! Smart meals must start at the grocery store.

Love Your Leftovers

Sustainability has been a popular topic lately, and for obvious reasons. In 2010, the USDA estimated food waste in the US to be 31%. In an effort to reduce food loss and waste in the US, the USDA, FDA, and EPA entered into a formal agreement in 2018 under the Winning on Reducing Food Waste Initiative. Under this agreement, these agencies committed to encouraging reductions in food waste through research, community investments, and several other initiatives. Although the problem of food waste is being tackled on a federal level, there are also things that we, the consumers, can do at home to lessen our food waste as well. Besides contributing to food waste, throwing out groceries is expensive

Making Sense of Your Migraine: Can Food Be a Factor?

Anyone that has experienced migraine headaches knows how debilitating they can be. Twenty percent of Americans suffer from migraines, and women are 3 times more likely to experience these headaches than men according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you may have asked yourself, “What’s causing this pain?” A migraine is a headache of varying intensity that can cause throbbing or pulsing, and may be accompanied by one or more of the following: Visual disturbances (flashes of light, blind spot) Nausea or vomiting Sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells Tingling sensation in arms or legs Difficulty speaking The tough thing about migraines is that

The Importance of Proper Recovery

With spring underway and summer not far behind, you’re likely getting the itch to get back in the gym or ramp up your training regimen. Sometimes that may be exactly what you need, assuming you’re getting ample recovery. Taking the time and putting effort towards proper recovery is equally important as working your tail off in the gym, and without it you could be hindering progress. The focus here is not to shy you away from a hard workout or keep you out of the gym, it’s to help you remember why recovery plays such a vital role in reaching your goals. Failing to recover properly not only negatively affects your physical health, it also takes a toll on your mental health. Signs of insufficie

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