Fitness Myths

The fitness industry is a booming industry that has many moving parts. Many of these parts revolve around the promotion of weight loss or unrealistic improvements without genuine support for health benefits. These old and new revolving parts can cause myths to arise in support of extreme weight loss, short cuts or using supplements. It's important to understand the facts behind exercise and how it affects your body! Five common myths are: Myth #1 - Targeting Fat Burn Fact: While working out can (and does) reduce your overall body fat, you can’t control where the fat is lost on your body. Targeting fat or “spot reduction” suggests that the fat you burn comes from around the muscles you are us

Metabolism-Boosting Foods: A Closer Look

If I were to make a top-10 list of questions I’m asked as a dietitian, this would absolutely make the cut: "What foods can I eat to boost my metabolism?" I don’t blame people for asking the question. After all, a quick Google search offers a myriad of solutions to “rev up” your metabolism, but do these foods really do what these articles claim they do? Some of the more common suggestions in these lists include green tea, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. Let’s take a closer look at the metabolic effects of green tea. A 500 milligram “dose” of green tea extract (this is quite a bit of green tea extract) does increase metabolism – about seven calories’ worth over a four-hour period, o

Using the Nudge Theory to Your Advantage

What do urinals and houseflies have to do with improving your health habits? Two words: nudge theory. In the 1990’s, maintenance staff at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport set out to reduce “spillage” from male urinals in their restrooms. Their solution? Paint a small image of a housefly in the desired target of the ceramic urinal. And it worked! The image of the housefly subtly “nudged” facility patrons to pay more attention to their aim, reducing time, labor, and costs for the airport’s cleaning staff. The nudge theory really isn’t all that new. Supermarkets have been using it for decades. Ever notice how certain products tend to be placed at eye level, while other brands are placed near your a

Preventing Injury: Proper Form

You might be wondering why fitness professionals are so nit-picky about making sure exercises are done with proper form. While it can sometimes be frustrating to receive criticism and process the information that goes with some complex exercises, it is worth the time and effort to make those modifications. Here’s why: 1. Proper form is heavily stressed because it ensures you are working the muscle that is actually targeted in a specific exercise. For example, in a Romanian Deadlift the target muscles of the exercise are the hamstrings and glutes. One common mistake of incorrect form during this exercise is arching your back, instead of keeping it straight and tight. When you allow your back

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