Staying Healthy & Happy for the Holidays

The holidays are here, which means numerous gatherings with families and friends, an immense amount of delicious food, holiday drinks and often the ceasing of our fitness and nutrition goals for the year. We set aside these goals and decide that they'll be picked back up once the New Year is here; we'll hit the ground running to get in our best shape ever. Creating these goals for the New Year is great - but why not start now? Of course the holidays will include indulgences, but consider the differences in indulging for a day or two compared to the whole season. This will help to keep nutrition a priority throughout the holidays. And what about staying active? Adding any movement into the da

Breaking the Cycle: Analyzing Fad Diets

2020 is right around the corner, as is the deluge of New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Many of these resolutions will involve committing to rigid diet plan of some sort, and too often are followed by a rapid regaining of any weight lost. Whether it’s low-carb, low-fat, alkaline, paleo, keto, or something else, you should know what you’re getting into – and whether it’s worth getting into at all. Keep an eye on this space as the calendar flips to 2020 for my breakdowns on various fad diets. You can get a head start by reading my past post on the ketogenic (“keto”) diet as well as a breakdown of the alkaline diet. #diet #keto #newyears #resolution #newyearsresolution #paleo #alkaline #wei

Defining “High-Quality” Protein

Among the three macronutrients – protein, fat, and carbohydrates – protein is probably the least disparaged. While carbs and fat have shouldered most of the blame (generally unfairly), protein has maintained its place at the head table of “good” nutrients. Although the actual landscape of nutrition is far more complicated than that, protein is the most essential of those three macronutrients and getting enough protein is indeed important. That being said, I do still get many questions from clients trying to parse out which protein-rich foods are best. It’s important to know that most people don’t have a problem getting enough protein. Most do fine with 60-80 grams of protein per day, perhaps

Warm Up This Winter by Spicing Up Your Workout Routine

Feeling unmotivated to hit the gym? Bored with your gym routine? Keep yourself motivated and avoid quitting by finding what makes you happy! Exercise should be fun for you! Think about the types of exercise that you enjoy the most. If you need a break from your current routine, go back to the basics, or try something totally different. Working out doesn't always have to happen in the gym. Being physically active can happen anywhere. This might look like walking the dog, playing basketball, or following a fun workout video in the comfort of you own home. If you find yourself getting bored at the gym, try a new piece of equipment, ask the fitness staff for new workout ideas, or join a group ex

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