About First Bite

First Bite Nutrition is a virtual nutrition counseling service powered by Riverside Corporate Wellness (RCW) providing direct support for clients struggling with an eating disorder.

Counseling services are provided by RCW registered dietitian Jordan Murray. Jordan has worked in the field of eating disorders since 2012. He believes that making peace with food is a unique journey for anyone suffering from these conditions. Meal plans and goals are always individualized to meet the client’s needs, and clients will have the opportunity to take ownership of their recovery. While overcoming an eating disorder can be daunting, Jordan has the expertise and experience necessary to move you forward in your recovery process.

Disordered eating conditions addressed by First Bite Nutrition include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and orthorexia.


All counseling services are provided through Zoom video conferencing; Jordan will send you the information necessary to connect. Zoom can be used on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Whether you’re located in Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Green Bay, or any of the additional states listed below, First Bite Nutrition can connect with you. Clients local to the Coulee Region may choose to meet with Jordan in person at RCW’s offices.



First Bite Nutrition can accept clients from the following states:






New Jersey




Initial 60-minute visit

follow-up visits

Services will include counseling session, meal plan direction, and follow-up message related to content covered in previous session.


for the first month

for subsequent months

Services will include up-to-weekly counseling sessions as determined by dietitian and client as well as regular follow-up on data entered in Recovery Record app. Subscription payments must be made prior to services being provided.

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