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Your wellness is important to your employer, so they've made an investment in convenient health care services. And at Riverside Corporate Wellness, we're committed to caring for you.


Contact us. We'll help you choose your direction, develop your personalized plan for wellness, and connect you with the services available to you through your employer's partnership with Riverside Corporate Wellness.




Physical therapy is a type of treatment you may need when health problems make it hard to move around and do everyday tasks. It helps you move better and may relieve pain. It also helps improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level.

The goal of physical therapy is to make daily tasks and activities easier. For example, it may help with walking, going up stairs, or getting in and out of bed.

Recommended Related to Pain Management  
Physical therapy can help with recovery after some surgeries. Your doctor may suggest physical therapy for injuries or long-term health problems such as:


  • Back pain

  • Tendon or ligament problems, such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, a meniscus tear or plantar fasciitis

  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

  • COPD

  • Spinal stenosis

  • Parkinson's disease

  • Multiple sclerosis


Physical therapy may be used alone or with other treatments.

Physical therapy occurs in a clinic, hospital, nursing home, your own home (through home health agencies), school, or a sports or fitness setting.
What does a physical therapist do?
Your physical therapist will examine you and make a treatment plan. Depending on your health problem, your therapist will help you with flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and/or balance.

First, your therapist will try to reduce your pain and swelling. Then he or she will probably work to increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance. Physical therapy almost always includes exercise. It can include stretching, core exercises, weight lifting, and walking. Your physical therapist may teach you an exercise program so you can do it at home. Your physical therapist also may use manual therapy, education, and techniques such as heat, cold, water, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. Treatment may cause mild soreness or swelling. This is normal, but talk to your physical therapist if it bothers you.

Where can I continue my therapy after I have been released if I do not have the proper equipment? 
When you have been released to a home exercise program it doesn’t always mean that it will occur within your home. Some of your exercises and activities require the use of equipment, like a stationary bike or specific weight resistance machines, or cannot be accomplished within your home, such as swimming or walking. Therefore, think of it more as a release to “on your own” exercise program and consider RCW Fitness as your exercise home. Although RCW Fitness does not staff physical therapists nor does it have a therapeutic pool it does have a full range of exercise equipment, trained exercise professionals, and a wide selection of group exercise classes to support a release to home physical therapy program. The RCW Fitness website now allows you to share with your physical therapist all of the available equipment that will encourage compliance and will promote continued progress with your home program.




Riverside Corporate Wellness is pleased to bring Physical Therapy to Riverside Center. Members will be offered evidence-based, specialized orthopedic Physical Therapy which integrates education, manual Physical Therapy, neuromuscular re-education and therapeutic exercise prescription to minimize pain and enhance overall function.


Dr. Paul Reuteman DPT is the provider of Physical Therapy for RCW. Dr. Reuteman has been practicing and teaching Physical Therapy for greater than 23 years and specializes in management of both acute and persistent musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. His credentials include being a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities, credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine by the McKenzie Institute and is a board-certified Athletic Trainer from the National Athletic Trainers Association. 

Members may be seen as a referral from a health care provider or as a direct-access service (a physician referral is not needed). After the initial consult, you and Dr. Reuteman will determine the best plan for care to meet your goals of Physical Therapy.


Physical Therapy care is provided as a cash-based service. Single session rates are $50.00 for 30 minutes. Fees may be sumitted to your Health Savings Account, if you have one. Check or Credit Card is accepted on the day of the visit. Make your appointment today by clicking on the "Make an Appointment" button on the home page. Paul is available Tuesdays and Fridays in the RCW Fitness Facility. 


Please fill out the client intake form (below) before your first appointment if you are a new patient:


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