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TO SIGN UP speak with one of our
RCW fitness staff 
at our Belle Square Fitness Center

or contact Dawn at


Between August 1 - 31, finish the 15-space gameboard moving one space per day each time you complete a daily random workout challenge given by the fitness staff.


Daily game workouts can be selected from 5 categories: cardio-based, bodyweight, high intensity, resistance, and wild. Modifications or guidance for any exercise can be provided by the fitness staff. If the player is unable to complete the exercise they draw for whatever reason, they may select a new one for the day.


All players who pass at least one checkpoint will receive a participation prize. 2 grand prize winners will be selected following the end of the challenge to win $25 gift cards.


  • Do I have to use the fitness center every day or attend every event?
    Not at all! The goal of this event is to complete 15 spaces in August. You have plenty of time even if you skip a day. If you're not up to trying one of our activities that day, it's no problem, start back up the next!


  • I’m not a competitive person, is this challenge for me?
    Definitely! The Learn & Burn event is about focusing on trying something new under the professional guidance of our certified fitness staff. Of course, we want you to finish the gameboard, but the goal is to simply get started and find new ways to vary your workout.


  • I’m new to this, what kind of help is available?
    Our expert RCW staff is here to help you through each step of this challenge. Don't hesitate to ask questions as we’re excited to help you reach your goals!


  • I’m healthy and work out all the time. How can this help me?
    Let’s be honest, we all need a change from our workout or fitness routine. We’re here to help you find something new or push you further in your goals. If you are already on your way to reaching all your goals, this is also a way to encourage your friends and coworkers to reach theirs!

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