Start Date: July 19
End Date: August 15

How to Play

Everyone will be responsible for tracking their own points at each level of the pyramid.


The pyramid challenge will consist of 3 levels, each with a varying number of points needed to progress onto the next tier. Points can be earned by completing activities in each of the 3 categories: rookie, veteran, and all-star.


Completing rookie ranked activities will earn one point each, veteran activities will earn two points each, and all-star activities will earn three points each. Each activity may be used a maximum of three times to count for points.


For each level, there will be a given prize once the number of points for that tier has been reached. The rookie level will require 20 points to be completed, the veteran level will require an additional 15 points for a total of 35, and the all-star level will require 10 additional points for a grand total of 45 points.

Rookie Level: 

  • 30-minute yoga

  • 20-minute walk

  • 15-minute bike ride

  • 10-minute jog

  • 5-minute jump rope

  • 5-minute jumping jacks

  • Get 8 hours of sleep

  • Add vegetables to a meal

  • Eat a piece of fruit

  • Meet up with a friend/call a friend/facetime or video chat with a friend

  • Do something you enjoy outside (throw a frisbee, volleyball, baseball, football, golf)

Veteran Level: 

  • 40-minute walk

  • 30-minute bike ride

  • 30-minute weight lifting session

  • 20-minute jog/run

  • 15-minute intense workout of your choice (example: HIIT, spin, elliptical)

  • 10-minute jump rope

  • 10-minute stair climber

  • Try Strength & Stability class offered at RCW

  • Add a serving of veggies and a serving of fruit to any of your meals throughout the day

  • Try Yoga class offered at RCW

  • Hike

All-Star Level: 

  • 60-minute walk

  • 60-minute weight lifting session

  • 45-minute bike ride

  • 30-minute jog/run

  • 15-minute jump rope

  • Try a new workout/piece of equipment that you have not used before

  • Try a cycle class offered at RCW

  • Try a HIIT class offered at RCW

  • Make it to the fitness center 4 days of the week

  • Consume a serving of fruits and/or veggies to a meal per day for a week

  • Get 8 hours of sleep for 5 days out of the week