The Gym: A Choice, Not a Chore

Most people make a New Year’s resolution. Eat less sweets, swear less often, spend more time with your family, and most common of all: start a workout routine. This is often combined with a change in eating habits as well. For the first three weeks of January people are eating healthier and hitting the gym consistently. But that initial motivation is fleeting. After a few weeks, the decline begins. Unhealthy foods find their way back into our lives and going to the gym feels like a chore instead of a lifestyle choice.

Here are some ways to stay on track with your New Year’s Resolution and making the gym a choice rather than a chore.

  1. Establish an accountability partner. Having someone to hold you accountable for working out and staying on track with your goals gives you an external source of motivation. We can use guilt as a positive reinforcement tactic. No one wants to leave their friend to work out alone!

  2. Keep visible reminders. Sometimes we need a visual reminder to keep us on track. Schedule workouts as if they were meetings. Give yourself a checkbox to check off when you finish your workout. There is no better feeling than when we check off a task we have accomplished.

  3. Attend group exercise classes. At both Belle Square and Riverside Center, we offer group exercise classes in the morning, mid-day, and evening. We have fitness professionals who are skilled in teaching a variety of classes such as Tabata, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, and more. Visit our website for a list of available classes at either location!

  4. Switch up your workout. Go to different workout classes to switch it up. If you don’t like workout classes, plan out different exercise routines every few weeks to keep boredom at bay. Running the same three miles on the treadmill and finishing with the same core routine can become tiresome and lack motivation. Ask a fitness trainer or see the “Workout of the Week” section on our bulletin board for suggestions!

  5. Reframe your excuses by creating a positive mental headspace. We all have those days when we feel too tired or too sore. But these are just excuses; reframe your thinking to view your workout in a positive way. If you’re feeling tired, working out will wake you up and give you energy. If you are feeling sore, working out will help to stretch out your tense muscles. The way you view exercising makes a world of a difference. You should be working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not to make up for an unhealthy one. Make the gym your happy place where you are active and healthy.

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