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Ten Ways to Have Your Sweets and Eat Them Too!

Do you struggle with craving sweets? Whether it’s after a meal or as a mid-day snack, we all have sweet cravings every now and again. How can we be smart about these sweet cravings and not get into trouble with over-portioning?

First of all, look at portion sizes. Every food can be consumed if it is eaten mindfully. Consider how often and in what amounts you eat these foods. It’s appropriate to save the “not-so-healthy” foods for special occasions and in smaller amounts.

But what do we do about that sweet craving that shows up almost every day? It’s important to take these sweet cravings and satisfy them wisely by making good choices while still having that little something sweet. While still considering moderation, check out some of these better-for-you sweet treats.

  1. Dark Chocolate

  • Focus on chocolate above 70% cocoa to get many health benefits while limiting the added sugar and fat.

  1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  • Coat in semi-sweet chocolate to reduce the sugar amount and enjoy some healthy berries.

  1. Yogurt Parfait

  • Top yogurt with fruit, nuts, granola, and even a little dark chocolate for a special addition.

  1. Smoothie

  • A great way to get some fruits, vegetables, protein, and even dairy. There are a bunch of different combinations from fruity to dessert-like. For some inspiration click here.

  1. Banana Ice Cream

  • Freeze a banana and blend it in a food processor until creamy for a luscious dessert. Feel free to add toppings or mix-ins as desired. For more complete instructions click here.

  1. Nutella Yogurt Dip

  • Combine Greek yogurt and Nutella for a lighter, healthier fruit dip.

  1. Frozen Greek Yogurt Drops

  • Look up some different combinations to flavor yogurt with fruit, chocolate, or peanut butter and freeze on a cookie sheet to enjoy later.

  1. Apple Pie Without the Pie

  • Bake or microwave a sliced or chopped apple and top with cinnamon and nuts for the feel of apple pie without the sugar and fat.

  1. Frozen Grapes

  • Freeze grapes for a sweet, long-lasting treat.

  1. Trail Mix

  • Combine nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate for a filling treat.

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