A Breath of Fresh Air

As any true Wisconsinite knows, the slightest hint of warm weather means we unpack our shorts and t-shirts and enjoy the outdoors! Whether that's walking along the river, hiking the bluffs, or walking through the marsh trail, most outdoor adventures are active. When we increase our activity outside, we often don't feel the need to get to the gym as frequently.

However, even though we’re getting our cardio in by walking outside, resistance training is still a key aspect of working out. In the summertime, we often find ourselves skipping the weights simply because it’s so nice to be outside. Here are four exercises you can incorporate into your outdoor activities.

Tricep dips and incline pushups with a bench are easy chest and triceps exercises to do on a walk in Riverside Park. At every bench, ledge, or picnic table you can stop and do 15 reps of each exercise. Over the course of your walk, you may be surprised how quickly they add up!

Tricep Dips on a Park Table

Incline Pushups on a Park Table

Holding a plank can be very beneficial for your core strength, but it also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance.

Holding a Plank on the Grass

Finally, we can’t forget about the lower body! While you’re walking, incorporate a few walking lunges or monster walks for an added lower body strength benefit.

On your next walk through the park or bike ride on the marsh trails, pause at a bench or a grassy area to include your strength training outside the gym for a truly well-rounded workout!

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