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Motivation: Reconnect with Your Why

We’ve set our “SMART” goals, making sure they’re realistic and neither too big nor too small. We’ve examined our sources of motivation, looking at both extrinsic and intrinsic types to ensure we have a couple of each. And yet, we’re still lacking motivation. It’s time to reconnect with your “why”.

Our “why” is the underlying motivation to do something. You may have first found it last week when we talked about sources of motivation. If not, we’re going to find or rediscover it today. For consistency, let’s stick with the goal of weight loss, specifically, my recent weight loss.

Why do you want to lose weight? So, I can look better.

Why do you want to look better? Because if I look better, I’ll feel more comfortable coaching.

Why do you want to feel comfortable while coaching? Because when I feel more comfortable coaching, I feel good about myself.

Why do you want to feel good about yourself? Because when I feel good about myself, I feel like I’m better able to help my clients and be a role model for them.

Why do you want to be a role model for your clients? Because I don’t want to ask them to do anything I’m not able to do myself and feel a sense of belonging within the fitness field.

By working through a series of “Why’s” we discover that it was not truly the looking better that was a main motivator. I wanted to be a role model for clients and feel a sense of belonging in the fitness field. Either finding or reconnecting with this true “why” behind your goals is essential to maintain motivation or get to your workout when you are lacking motivation.

Take a look at your SMART goals. Why do you want to accomplish them? Is it just to move better or is it so you’re able to play with your kids? This deeper “why” usually connects with your values outside of the gym. Chances are, the deeper “why” is going to motivate you more than a new workout outfit or pair of jeans ever could. It’s not about carrying the weights, it’s about being able to carry your kids or grandkids.

If you’re lacking motivation, take time to reconnect with your why. Sit down with your goal and ask yourself why you want to accomplish it. Then repeat and repeat and… you get the point. Go through this “why” process five times, more if needed. As with setting goals, this may require brutal honesty and self-reflection. By the end, you’ll have found that deeper motivator to draw on when even the enjoyment of the workout isn’t enough.


Key Word: WHY

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