Hormones and Weight: Introduction

January 9, 2019


A quick Google search of the terms “hormones” and “weight” offers approximately 123 million results. Some of the more eye-catching headlines include:


Fix Your Hormones and Lose Weight!

Lose Weight Through Natural Hormone Balancing!

Reset Your Hormones to Beat Belly Fat! (thanks Dr. Oz – insert eyeroll emoji here)


You should be very careful about purchasing off-the-shelf or online products that promise to “fix” your hormones. Although hormone therapy may be deemed medically necessary by a professional in certain instances, one-size-fits all solutions to induce weight loss by “balancing” or “resetting” your hormones are dubious and overpriced at best.


Hormones do play a vital role in managing metabolism, appetite, and weight, but changing their balance isn’t achieved by any pill or quick-fix plan. Over the next several weeks on this blog, I’ll be providing information on the metabolic hormones that are worth knowing about, how they impact your weight and appetite, and what you can do to manage them.

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