Happy Earth Day & Month!

Many of us utilize the gym or the outdoors to improve our health and get fit. Did you know there are many ways you can improve the health of the environment while getting fit yourself? See these six tips and tricks to help you step up your workout with the added benefit of helping the environment every day - not just on Earth Day:

Ditch the Plastic

Invest in a reusable water bottle and use our water bottle filler at the gym. Hydration is extremely important for your health. Insulated bottles will help keep your water cooler which will help refresh you after that heavy workout!

Ditch the Car

Warming up before you start working out is important to help your muscles get ready for exercise. Get your body moving by walking or biking to the gym. This is a great way to warm up while reducing your carbon emissions and air pollution.


Driving to the gym? Pick up some friends along the way! Working out with others is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Our group exercise classes offer a great way for you and your friends to get moving and push each other.

Litter Patrol

Take advantage of your work breaks with walking outside. Grab a bag on your way out the door and pick up litter found on your path. This helps clean up the environment, adds purpose to your walk, and has a huge impact on your community!

Sustainable Style

Preparing to get back in the gym by purchasing some new workout clothes? Try environmentally or ethically sourced workout gear, like those made with organic cotton or bamboo threads. The added quality of these clothes will help your athletic gear stand up to the wear and tear of those sweaty workouts!

Sneaker Recycling

Put in too many miles on those old gym shoes? Instead of throwing them away, recycle them! Many shoe brands will take back those beaten down trainers and put them to use in their shoe recycling program which takes old shoes and turns them into tracks, basketball courts, and playground turf.

Hopefully you can practice some or all of these tips to help you put another meaning behind each workout!

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