Herbs and Spices Series Introduction

As a dietitian, I’ve heard way too many people say “If it tastes good, it must not be good for me.” This couldn’t be further from the truth, and perpetuates the idea that you have to deprive yourself to eat healthfully.

One simple change you can make in your food preparation is to integrate new herbs and spices into your meals. Salt, pepper, butter and sugar are on most of our tables, but there’s a world of other flavors available to you with a little creativity and an open mind.

The nutrition posts in this blog space for the next several weeks will focus on how to use various herbs and spices in your meals, as well as sharing some background information about where they come from and what nutrition value they carry. We have touched on these topics before (click here for information on turmeric, and here for a past cooking class on the subject), but this series will go into greater depth and focus than we have in the past!

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