Balance During the Quarantine

We’ve entered a period of time of when we're unable to leave our homes and continue on with our daily schedules. This change is hurting many of us financially, physically and mentally. Losing access to the gym has made working out seem almost impossible as everyone is stuck at home with a lack of equipment and numerous other distractions (family, television, stocked pantries, etc.). 

Despite all these changes, it’s important to find ways to give time to yourself and your overall wellness. This time doesn’t need to just be physically improving yourself, but focusing on anything you feel will benefit your wellness. Exercising your mind is just as important as the body, as your mind may be having a hard time coping with the changes during this time.  Keep yourself a priority during the quarantine as well as taking care of those around you by following some tips below: 

  1. Meditate. Adding meditation to your day can help to greatly improve your state of mind by helping to clear the mind of its current stressors. Meditating helps you focus on tasks and relieve stress, as well as start or end the day with a clean slate. Don’t know where/how to start? Download the Headspace app for ten free days or search for meditation videos on YouTube to help you get started.

  2. Complete an at home work out. Keep checking the Riverside Corporate Wellness website for virtual work outs from your favorite trainers at RCW. Try to challenge your family members to complete the work out with you! The workouts either use body weight or require limited equipment, so they’re possible to complete at home. If you don’t have weights, use household items as a substitute. Get creative with your resistance and join in on our workouts!

  3. Start a new hobby. This can be anything from reading, learning to sew, adding yoga to your weekly schedule, journaling or something else you enjoy spending your time doing. Try to make time for this hobby 3-5x a week as it will help to add some excitement to your quarantine and will also be a nice break from work. 

  4. Set a routine. A routine may seem pointless when you don’t actually need to leave the house. However, this is essential to staying sane during the quarantine. Giving yourself a set routine, mainly for the weekdays, will help you to accomplish all the mini-tasks outside of your workday that may seem unimportant or impossible to complete. Having a routine where you wake up at 7 every day, do a quick work out, eat breakfast and then start your workday will have you feeling energized and ready to take on the day - rather than rolling over and immediately hopping on your computer to start your work day. Sticking to this routine will help you accomplish more and help keep your spirits up.

  5. Get ready for the day. It’s extremely easy to just sit around in sweats all day when you don’t have to go into work. Challenge yourself to get ready for a normal workday at least twice a week. 

  6. Meal plan. This goes hand-in-hand with setting a routine, and making sure weekly meal and snacks are planned on Sunday will help to limit overeating as well as consumption of convenience foods. Having all of the food that you need on Sundays will help to make this possible as you can cook each meal whenever you’d like through the week.

When quarantine starts to seem overwhelming, mundane and just plain boring, look back at these tips to get some ideas to spice up your days as well keep you busy. Stay healthy and stay home!

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