Choosing Chili Powder

As we dive back into our series on herbs and spices, we’ll next tackle the red, warm-flavored spice called chili powder.

There are many types of chili powder because there are many types of chili peppers. Chili powder is made by drying these peppers and grinding them into a fine powder. Peppers used to make chili powder include the Aleppo, poblano, cayenne, chipotle, Korean red and many other varieties of red peppers.

Chili powders can vary in both flavor and intensity of spice, and many styles of cuisine utilize a certain type of chili powder. For example, Korean chili powder is often called “gochugaru,” can be used in either powder or flake form and is sweeter and smokier than most chili powders with less spice. Chili powder made from arbol peppers, however, is common in Mexican dishes and is much spicier.

Chili powder is rich in several vitamins, including A, C, E, K and B6. It also provides a bit of fiber and some amounts of various minerals.

As mentioned, chili powder is used in lots of styles of cuisine. Meal ideas that incorporate chili powder include:

· Korean Chicken

· Mexican Corn on the Cob

· Steak Chili

· Chicken Pad Thai

· Chili Chicken

· Portuguese Baked Eggs

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