Eating Disorder Series Introduction

Eating disorders are far more common – and more impactful – than most of us realize. Almost 10% of the United States population deals with disordered eating at some point in their life (although not all of these will be severe enough to require treatment).

Unfortunately, myths and misconceptions about eating disorders run deep. Although anorexia is one of the more prevalent types of eating disorders, these conditions are often about much more than restrictive eating and weight loss. And despite dieting being a major risk factor for the development of disordered eating, recovery from anorexia or bulimia is far more complex than simply deciding to “eat normally” again.

We’ll be using this space over the next several weeks to discuss the various types of eating disorders, as well as some of the factors relating to their genesis, treatment and recovery.

If you would like to inquire about virtual nutrition counseling for eating disorders, please check out our First Bite Nutrition page.

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