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Eating Disorder Series Summary

Over the past two months, we’ve covered a plethora of topics under the scope of eating disorders. A full list of the articles can be found below:

· Explaining Anorexia

· Orthorexia: How Healthy is Too Healthy?

· The Seriousness of Bingeing

· Breaking the Cycle: Understanding Bulimia

· Addressing ARFID

· Coping Skills and Eating Disorder Recovery

· Probability Overestimation

· How Much Energy Does Your Body Need?

We’ll be shifting to some different nutrition topics in this blog space for the remainder of the summer, but articles on eating disorders will continue to pop up from time to time. Eating disorders are under-recognized and misunderstood, and we’ll continue to do our part to inform and educate. Use the Disordered Eating tab on the blog to view all articles on these topics at any time.

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