Fitness Tracking: What's For Me?

With the technology provided today, there is a wide variety of fitness trackers and tracking apps, it is hard to know which one suits your #fitness and #exercise goals best. Here’s some explanations on the benefits of some trackers and apps:


Fitbit watches are wearable fitness trackers that range from a clip on tracker to a smartwatch with a touch screen ability. The Fitbit automatically #tracks heart rate, sleep, and general activity. You can personally log your hydration, food, and fitness goals.

The Fitbit battery typically lasts between 5-7 days depending on the model of the device and how actively it is used. Fitbits sometimes over or under count steps but research has stated they are accurate 50% of the time, especially with sleep tracking and energy expenditure. The Fitbit may be a better option if you do not use apple products or have an iPhone, and are a daily exerciser.


The apple watch is a smartwatch with a touch screen that connects to your iPhone to deliver notifications, make calls, send texts, and run apps. The apple watch has an on board GPS so you do not have to bring your phone with you to track distances of runs, walks, hikes, etc. The apple watch offers #fitness #goals each month and you can even compete against others who have an apple watch as well. It also detects when you are exercising if you forget to manually track your workout. The apple watch battery lasts for 18 hours. Studies have shown that features like the heart rate monitoring are accurate 40-50% of the time. Apple watch is better for people who use apple products as it is compatible with the apps on the iPhone, and is better for people who want to communicate on their watch if their phone is not available.


The Garmin smartwatch is a fitness watch that tracks any outdoor activity with a GPS and heart rate monitor. Depending on the style, it may have a digital or analog watchface. The battery can last up to 8 days. The Garmin smart watch is more accurate on its tracking abilities of workouts than its heart rate features. Garmin is used for more longer workout sessions such as long runs or walks, and even swimming, and is therefore more suitable for those interested in distance or endurance workouts.


The whoop strap is a device that collects physiological data 24/7 to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your body. You can get daily personalized fitness, sleep, and recovery data. Whoop also offers a membership where you can join teams to help stay motivated through working out. The battery lasts for 5 days. Whoop is more suited for people looking to make improvements in their workout regimen. It provides chart and in-app coaching suited to what you personally want to improve.


My Fitness Pal is an app that lets you keep a #food #diary so you can understand your eating habits and work towards your goals. You can scan barcodes, or save meals and recipes to make the tracking easier. My fitness pal also links with other fitness apps, such as apple health or Fitbit to help support building a healthier lifestyle.


Strava is a GPS cycling and running app. It lets you #track your running and riding with GPS, join #challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends. This app connects with the Garmin smart watch, Fitbit, apple watch, and others to track your exercise.

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