Perhaps you’ve noticed a yoga class happening at RCW when you’ve been at the gym for your workout. Maybe you’ve considered signing up to join a class online or in-person, but just haven’t made the leap. Yoga classes are a great way to work on your flexibility, balance, mind-muscle connection, and overall relaxation. Let’s talk more about what to expect during a yoga class, the benefits of yoga, and how you can sign up and join us to experience one for yourself.

If you’re brand new to the world, let us be the first to welcome you! Even as an instructor, there was a time I was new to classes, too. Trying one for the first time can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Let’s break down a typical yoga class. To begin, try to arrive 5-10 minutes early to the studio, or be ready to sign on at least 5 minutes before a virtual class begins. Yoga mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, and blankets are provided for you in the fitness centers, but you can certainly bring your own equipment if you would like. For virtual classes, rolled blankets or pillows can work well for DIY equipment pieces. Your class instructor can explain how to use all equipment.

At the beginning of class, you’ll likely begin with a few minutes of grounding, or relaxing. This time helps you cool down from your day and get your mind “tuned” for yoga. Afterward, yoga classes begin slower, giving the body a chance to warm-up. From here, your experience in class will depend on the style of yoga and the individual instructor. Some classes use more of a vinyasa style class, or flowing yoga. Others use hatha yoga, or slower poses you may hold for longer. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, your instructor can always provide modifications. At the end of class, some style of meditation is typically used to provide you with a sense of calmness and peace before you leave the studio.

Besides the obvious reason for improving flexibility, what can yoga do for you? The mind-muscle connection is something many regularly notice being strengthened by yoga. This connection is how we perceive the mind and body working together. You may become more aware of how different muscles function or be able to move more smoothly, or gracefully. Balance is another aspect strengthened in yoga classes. An improved sense of balance can be helpful with everyday living, and to ensure quality movements that won’t leave you sore, or injured.

Now that you know the basics, how might you go about signing up for our classes? Currently, all classes should be pre-registered via the links on our website.

There are separate links for virtual or in-person yoga. Signing up before class is the best way to ensure there is space for you, and that the instructor can be prepared to teach you the best class possible. We hope to see you soon! View our current schedule.

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