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#Planks are a staple movement in many #workout #programs because they are a full body movement that are initiated in the #core. The plank works the #abdominal #muscles, #back muscles and the pelvic floor. Despite its popularity, it is frequently performed incorrectly. When the form is compromised, the benefits of the movement are lost and injury may occur. These are important aspects to keep in mind each time you hold a plank:

1. Engage that core!

  • Start in the upper/lower plank position and focus on bringing your belly button to your spine. Don’t let your lower back droop or your hips arch. Fight these movements by keeping the core engaged.

2. Wrists/Elbows directly below the shoulders

  • Once you are up in the plank, look down to ensure that your hands are directly below your shoulders in an upper plank or that your elbows are directly below the shoulders in a lower plank.

3. Head/Neck in a neutral position

  • Create a straight line from your head down to your hips. Look straight ahead, not up or down.

4. Squeeze the glutes

  • Squeeze the glutes together to create more stability and help keep correct form.

5. Don’t forget to breathe!

  • It sounds silly, but many people forget how important breathing is when it comes to perform any activity. Constantly remind yourself to check in on your breath.

These cues are important to remember in a modified plank as well:

Next time you start your plank, think of these simple reminders to ensure you are getting the greatest benefit from the movement.

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