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RCW Virtual Primary Health
FAQs - 

Q: When I log into RCW Virtual Primary Health, why do I see “Buoy” in the URL, and Intellivisit if/when I request a visit with the healthcare provider?
A: RCW has partnered with Buoy and Intellivisit to provide you with a virtual platform that includes a user-friendly interactive questionnaire through Buoy and a fully-operational healthcare team through Intellivisit, ready to address your episodic health conditions.

Q: How is RCW Virtual Primary Health different from Intellivisit?
A: RCW Virtual Primary Health is the stepping stone between you and a virtual provider. It is designed to provide a more personalized experience and help you determine whether you need to connect with a provider at all (virtually or in-person). RCW Virtual Primary Health can provide self-care strategies within minutes and recommend or route you to other in-network providers based on your symptoms.


Q: Who is eligible to use RCW Virtual Primary Health?
A: Employees at least 18 years of age and are located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa or Florida may use RCW Virtual Primary Health.


Q: What type of illnesses can be treated through RCW Virtual Primary Health?
A: RCW Virtual Primary Health is intended for acute, minor urgent care such as pink eye, rashes, urinary tract infections and cold and flu symptoms. If a prescription is necessary, it will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Prescription costs are dependent on your healthcare plan.


Q: Can I renew my prescriptions through an RCW Virtual Primary Health visit?
A: No, RCW Virtual Primary Health is intended to address acute illnesses. If you need to refill a prescription, please contact your primary care provider.


Q: Will this cost me anything?
A: Using the Buoy symptom checker is no cost. If you wish to move over to Intellivisit for a diagnosis by a provider, cost is dependent on your healthcare plan. If you have a UHG Health Savings Account (HSA), the cost to use RCW Virtual Primary Health is $45. You may use HSA funds to pay for this service. For all other plans, you may use RCW Virtual Primary Health at no cost. 


Q:  How do I get started?
A:  Go to to complete an interactive questionnaire regarding any symptoms you may be experiencing. Once you complete your questionnaire, you will be given three possibilities for your condition with self-care guidance for each one. If you would like your symptoms to be reviewed and diagnosed by a provider, you can choose to continue your interview on Intellivisit. When using Intellivisit the same cost guidelines apply as noted above.


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